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The basis of our products are to be used regularly on the skin. Therefore we needed to be clear that the base of the products needs to be the most nourishing for the skin. We went all out on the formation of this base by using only premium ingredients like shea, cocoa & mango butter, aloe vera, moroccan argan oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil & pure olive oil. We made sure that the base by itself is a highly potent wholesome ‘skin food’.

After we got the base covered, we had to source our essential oils. We purposely chose essential oils which are native to us, the ones closest to us, the richest in content that our lush tropical rainforests could offer. Obviously there are none from Singapore so we had to source from our neighbours in this malayan peninsular. We only use the freshest ingredients, those that are newly harvested to be used in our products to ensure premium quality with maximum benefits. Then we put these two together to create healing from inside out (actually outside in). Our products are made ultra concentrated, we do not skimp on the essential oils/extracts, so a bit goes a long way.

Join us for the search of true healing. Welcome to Ambara Zahrah.