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For our products, we wanted to make sure that the base of our products were nourishing for the skin. No one wants a product that will break them out or cause irritation! Therefore, we only use premium ingredients. We’ve got shea, cocoa, and mango butter; aloe vera; moroccan argan oil; grapeseed oil; coconut oil; and pure olive oil. Combined, they create a nourishing base that’s good enough to eat (but don’t do that).
After that, we needed to focus on the essential oils. We knew right away that we wanted to get our oils from close to home, so we looked to our neighbors in the Malayan peninsula. There are plenty of options there! And since we’re committed to providing you with amazing quality products, we only source fresh ingredients for your use. That means once you get it at home, you can start enjoying its benefits straight away!
When you combine these two together—premium ingredients + fresh essential oils—you end up with an elixir that heals from the outside in.