Monthly Archives: February 2017

Is Aromatherapy for everyone?

There are 4 major groups of people that might not benefit from aromatherapy. They are: Diabetic patients Epilepsy patients Pregnant women Breast feeding women People with diabetes can use most of the essential oils with the exception of these few that are high in ketones (read why) such as: Peppermint Angelica Sage (Spanish) Spearmint Valerian […]

Graston or Gua Sha?

A few days ago, I came across a video on Graston technique or the more popular acronym used nowadays, IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation) therapy. Some of the patients were laughing and others were screaming in pain. I was reminded of the Gua Sha technique used in traditional Chinese medicine, although with this technique, less […]

Food for thought

I had seen the miracles of modern medicine in Intensive Care, in daily practice it was not the same. Sick people fell ill again: sick people suffered side effects, new sicknesses appeared when I treated them with chemical medicines but what struck me most of all was the complete absence of the human dimension. -Dr. […]

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