Ensuring maximum absorption of essential oils

When applying massage oil or balms, there are a few factors that we need to take into consideration for the best absorption into the skin. Please note that the carrier oil will not penetrate through the skin, only the essential oils will make it into the body.

1. Area of skin – Thickness and permeability of the epidermis, it is easier for parts where the skin is thin like behind the ears, inside the wrist.

2. Gland openings and follicles – more opening, more speedier the rate of penetration.

3.Damaged skin – aged and dehydrated skin does not accept substances readily.

4. Rate of circulation – increase rate of blood flow, due to rubbing or inflammation will increase rate of absorption.

5. Raising the skin temperature
Rate of distribution – speed of penetration can be increased by warmth or massage.

6. Hydration- hydrated skin is very permeable hence the effectiveness increases.

7. Warmth – warm room, warm oils, warm hands, warm body speeds up absorption.

8. Occlusion- sealing effect on the oil, reduces the ability of the oil to volatilize and evaporate. We have incorporated beeswax into our balms to ensure that the oils would be sealed into the skin for maximum absorption.

9. Viscosity of carrier oil, the thicker the oil is, the slower it will absorb into the skin.

10. Molecular size – the molecular size of the essential oil and the carrier oil will affect the speed of absorption. Smaller is faster.

11.Frequency of use – repeated use of the same oil makes the skin more permeable.

2 thoughts on “Ensuring maximum absorption of essential oils

  1. Ami says:

    I’ve bought the Makrut Lime Soap and Maula balm and was amaze that the itch between my son leg was so much better after using it for 2 days … he didn’t scratch as often as before. He also apply the Maula balm. Will let him continue with it.

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