Benefits: rids body odour, heals joint pains, sprains & swellings, scalded & burnt skin, insect bites etc.


Benefits: pain reliever, relief from skin irritation (flaking of skin, eczema, rashes), reduces fever, cough and cold, promotes better sleep, blackens and shines hair, relief from magic or evil eye etc


Benefits: aphrodisiac, anti-inflammatory, sedative, relief from nausea, regurgitation, smallpox, rheumatism, relieves spasms of the digestive systems, anti cancer, colic, liver cirrhosis, respiratory system, shortness of breath, asthma, chills, epilepsy, urinary tract problems etc


Benefits: fortifies the heart, strengthens internal organs, cures fainting attacks & palpitations, expels wind & counteract effects of poison, anti cancer, aphrodisiac, cardiac stimulant, respiratory stimulant, antisnake venom, antihistamine (allergies), antispasmodic, anti inflammatory etc

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